Redemption Price

The exchange price is determined solely by the depth of the pool and the number of orders placed.

The price of the pair changes over time as the transaction progresses. The problem is that when the engine processes your order, the price may not be the same as it was when the order was placed, and if there is a large deviation, it will be filled at a price that is very different from the expected one. To avoid this situation, MixSwap has a mechanism to determine the slippage of transactions, and supports custom configuration. When placing an order, a minimum purchase amount will be submitted at the same time, and if the amount of coins bought is less than this amount, the order will be cancelled and refunded.

The current default slippage setting is 0.5%.


The most important feature of MixSwap is the Route. It is the Route that will help you find the optimal path through the different exchanges and exchange more coins.

Partial refund

MixSwap uses an aggregated trading model, and if one of the Routes exceeds the slippage setting, a partial coin refund will occur. To avoid partial refunds, you can increase the slippage setting, but understand that you may exchange fewer coins due to the depth issue.


When MixSwap helps you redeem more coins, there will be a reward button inside MixSwap's message notification. If you approve of our product, you are welcome to reward us for optimizing our iterative product.

If you choose anonymous bounty, your nickname will not be displayed in the bounty list.

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